Guide4Me 優導網的想法來自於多年來為旅客規劃不同的旅遊行程而衍生出的平台,我們深知旅行不是單純只是旅行,而是用心去感受

在地人的生活,去體驗在地的文化與步調,唯有深入的Local Tour能帶您認識不同的土地,唯有在地人帶領深入之旅才能有更深刻的感



Guide4Me 優導網 團隊 


Guide4Me is a platform, a platform from travelers for travelers, built by a pack of enthusiastic backpackers who explored nearly every part of the world.  We know that when it comes to unforgettable travelling experience, you need tours guides who represents and has knowledge of its local culture by every means.

We offer in-depth tours throughout each corners of the world. Connecting world class tour guides with world travelers, offering the ultimate local experiences. Our Mission is to revolutionize the tourism industry, focusing the most essential part of it:

Your experience as travelers.

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